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Childrens Frames

If your child needs glasses, you might be worried about finding the right pair that they will wear and that will fit them correctly. One of your first choices is whether you want metal or plastic. Both types of frames have pros and cons, so you should work with your optician, optometrist, and your child so that their glasses fit their needs and lifestyle.

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Metal frames are more durable, even though they appear thinner than plastic. They come in different alloys, aluminum, flexon, stainless steel, and titanium, but there are fewer color choices with metal frames. Flexon is a memory metal, having the ability to return to its original shape even if it’s twisted or bent, but not everyone recommends it for small children.

Plastic frames are lightweight, but they are more difficult to adjust. The nosepads are fixed. Children’s noses are not fully developed, and plastic children’s frames may slip down their nose. A polycarbonate plastic frame offers maximum shatter resistance when combined with polycarbonate lenses, making this the best choice for sports safety.

Your child may have definite ideas about whether they prefer metal or plastic. They should be involved in the decision-making process if they are old enough. When they like their glasses, they’ll be more apt to wear them consistently.

Children’s frames may be a smaller version of adults, but children have different needs when it comes to eyewear. Find an optical store that specializes in fitting children and has many different options in styles.

When choosing children’s frames, go to an experienced children’s optician, like Dallas Youth Optical with locations in Dallas and Plano, Texas. Our experts have the experience to find eyewear that fits your child that they will enjoy wearing.

Did you know?

We are the only store in the Dallas area that exclusively handles glasses for children! Whether your child needs eyewear for full time use or just part-time, we can find a pair that will fit their needs and make them look chic so that they’ll want to wear their glasses.