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Childrens Safety Frames

a group of children dressed to play sports

Even if your child doesn’t require prescription eyeglasses, experts agree that eye injuries could be prevented by wearing safety glasses during sports activities. Prevent Blindness America reports that of approximately 40,000 sports-related eye injuries that require emergency room care, probably 90% of them could be prevented with protective eyewear, like children’s safety frames. Regular eyeglasses just won’t provide enough protection during fast-paced sports.

You should let your child choose their protective eyewear, because if they like it, they will be more apt to wear their glasses when they need to. Wraparound frames are recommended for most sports, but certain sports, like hockey or football may require a face mask or wire shield.

A professional optician, like the ones with Dallas Youth Optical, will give you advice to make sure the eyewear fits well and is appropriate for the activities your child participates in. You’ll want to ensure the lenses are shatter-resistant, which will be safer and more comfortable, as they are lighter than plastic lenses. Safety frames will also be more resistant to breakage, but you should keep an extra pair just in case they do break, get lost, or your child just forgets them.

If your child wears prescription glasses, safety frames can be purchased with those lenses so your child can see clearly during the favorite sport without risk of eye injuries. Swim goggles and scuba masks can also be made with prescription lenses. Check with your optician for available models.

Children’s safety frames that fit correctly and that look good on your child will keep their eyes safe. With 70 years of experience, the professionals at Dallas Youth Optical will help you find the perfect eyewear with children’s safety frames to keep your child’s eyes protected.

Did you know?

We are the only store in the Dallas area that exclusively handles glasses for children! Whether your child needs eyewear for full time use or just part-time, we can find a pair that will fit their needs and make them look chic so that they’ll want to wear their glasses.